Project Title: Scrape Lists of Items Sold by Shops from Etsy

Project Description:
I am looking to create a tool that will help me learn which gold jewelry items customers are purchasing from Etsy shops (I am only interested in gold jewelry items).

I want to gather a list of “sold items” from as many Etsy shops as possible (in other words, items that were actually purchased by customers).

In each Etsy shop, by default there is a link that shows you every item the seller has sold in the past.

Many shops have this link disabled so that other shops can’t see this info, but some of them do not have this link disabled – so we are interested in looking through shops that still have this link enabled.

I am looking for someone to create a way for an application to:

1. Crawl through Etsy shops and gather a list of relevant shops – ones that have not de-activated their list of sold items.

2. Once a shop is found, I want the application to crawl through the list of sold items and make a list of the names of the items.

I am interested in knowing which items show up multiple times.

The ones that show up the most times in the list are the most important ones to discover for me.

I will message you to chat a bit and give more specific details about this project.

I’d prefer to come up with a fixed price for the job.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

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