Project Title: Scrape Homeschool Section

Project Description:

I need someone who can scrape all the data from and all the pages related to the home school meetups for every zipcode.

Take all the content from those pages and add them to my website (not built yet you can advise on the template so all the scraped data is used and easy to add to the website).

I would like to scrape each member of the home school groups as that’s 60k profiles, it would be ideal to get their Name, Address, Phone and Email etc whatever they put on the website.

I need someone who can extract the data and replug it into my website, so that I have all the information on my website for where home school meetups are.

We would like to know, what are the other data-points you guys will be scraping and thus, require a sample.

Also, advise us on the cost of the project.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on