Project Title: Scrape Monster, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed for Jobs

Project Description:

I need someone to create a script that can scrape,, and for jobs based on the amount of jobs requested (example 10 would pull 10 jobs from ZipRecruiter, 10 jobs from Monster, and 10 jobs from Indeed), and search fields that should be dynamic, such as “Software Engineer” in Baltimore Maryland.

I have an account with 2Captcha to pass captcha checks as well, but would like to limit that usage as much as possible.

Here is an example of a ziprecruiter query to find jobs = ‘’

Extract the following data from job sites:
Job Postings
Company Profiles
Employee Profiles
Employer’s Name
Job Description
Job Location
Job Title

This info should be provided in an excel spreadsheet.

If you could provide a sample line, so I can approve the format, that would also be helpful.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Give me a quote on price and time it would take you to finish the task.

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