Project Title: Scrape Mortgage Brokers Email List from NMLS

Project Description:

I am looking for a database of Independent mortgage brokers within the US.

Scrape Data from NMLS (Nationwide Multistate Licensing System) consumer access website or through

Here are the guidelines for each contact:
– Needs to have the companies Branch NMLS number
– there is sometimes a corporate NMLS number and branch(s) NMLS number.

If it’s corporate, on the NMLS page it will show a list of all branch NMLS numbers under that corporate number.

If no branches are listed, you have the right NMLS number.

– Needs to have 1-100 Sponsored MLO’s – this is listed on the NMLS page. Not necessarily a hardfast rule but if there are leads with more sponsored MLO’s this should be fine

– Cannot include any credit unions, investment banks, etc. Again, can only be independent mortgage brokers

Ideally I would like all leads cross referenced with our existing account database but I’m having issues exporting this, likely permission related. Will be working on this today to ensure duplicate leads already in our system don’t get added to this list and update this listing accordingly.

I will need 2-4,000 leads in total which will have to follow the exact formatting as the xlsx doc attached.

Emails can be mined from NMLS, but first name and last may be trickier. Names may be inferred from the email handle or found with a google search/LinkedIn.

Reiterating it is extremely important I get their company BRANCH NMLS number as well. NOT the Corporate NMLS!

If your work is quick and thorough, I will certainly be coming back to hire you again. Priority will be given to the individual who can provide broker database with a focus on High Median Home Worth zip codes.

Please send a sample of 5 names and I will do some research on the submissions.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on