Project Title: Scrape Nordstrom Product Items Daily

Project Description:

We are looking for a programmer to automate the following task: We want list of items scrapped from a website and put into an excel spreadsheet each day.

The page where data is to be scrapped each day:–5309?origin=productBrandLink

Step 1: Go to each item on all the pages from that link.
Step 2: Collect the Item Number.
Step 3: Collect the color and sizes available for each number.
Each color and size would be listed on a separate line.
Step 4: Put all info in an excel sheet with these columns: Item | Color | Size | Date
Step 5: Email file daily.

Have you worked on this website before ? If there is, please send us a sample.

What will be price for that? Please let us know.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on