Project Title: Scrape Product Details from Dermstore

Project Description:

I am looking to build a database of products from certain websites.

I would like help with putting product data on Excel sheet.

1) Go to and search for vitamin C Serum (you can go directly to this link

2) For each of the results in the result page, copy the name of the brand and paste it in the first column the sheet (in my case I filled the name SkinCeuticals)

3) Take the brand name and the product name and search brand name and product name. In our example, search for skinceuticals c e ferulic

4) Follow the link that takes you to the page on the brand website (not a 3rd party website). In this example, it is ( Notice the domain name is

5) On the product details page, copy the name of the product and insert the text in Column B (Product Name).

6) Take the address from the address bar and use the Insert Link function from excel and insert a link on Column B.

7) Copy the product description and paste it into the product description column. Make sure you maintain the formatting where possible (maintain the boldface, new lines, etc.)

8) Also copy the key ingredients section maintaining the formatting.

Do let me know, if you require any further information or assistance from us.

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