Project Title: Scrape Supplier’s Website for All Product Data

Project Description:

We are struggling to get data in a suitable format from our supplier, but this information all appears on website, so we need someone to scrape and format the product information into a csv file for us so we can input it into our website for selling these products.

The data we need is all related product data on the nominated website. There are a few hundred products.

You will need to capture the category as well as URLs.

You will need to download the attachments and images, so you can provide them to me via file transfer.

These files are all named with the product model number so sorting will be easy.

Where there are multiple models in a range (on one page) you will need to create a separate listing for each product variant.

The final data you will present me will be a csv file that I can open in Excel and have the first row with column labels.

I look forward to your contact.

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