Project Title: Scraping Accommodations with Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities

Project Description:

We are looking for an web scraping expert in order to display all accommodations in European Countries with a facility to Charge an Electric Vehicle (EV).

We need to extract’s accommodations that offer this facility. As Electric Vehicle Charging is filter in the listing of (See below mention URL)

This is for only one City of Europe that is Netherlands.

You need to scrape the accommodations with Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities for all of the following European Countries :
– The Netherlands
– Belgium
– Luxembourg
– France
– Spain
– Andorra
– Portugal
– Germany
– Switzerland
– Austria
– Italy
– Denmark
– Sweden
– Finland
– Norway
– Poland
– Czech
– Hungary
– Croatia
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– England
– Scotland
– Ireland
– Wales
– Northern Ireland

The output needed is :
– Accommodation Name
– Accommodation Type (Hotel, Apartment, Guesthouse, B&B, etc.)
– Address
– City
– State
– Zip Code
– Country Name
– Source Link
– No. of Star Ratings
– No. of Guest Ratings
– No. of Guest Reviews
– Other Facilities
– Availability
– Reservation Policy

Please provide some samples from your previous projects of scraping data.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on