Project Title: Scraping Auction Results from Sothebys

Project Description:

We need to record the realized auction prices of diamond studs on the Sothebys website.

To do this properly, we need to categorize the diamonds

Go to
In the upper right, search “diamond studs” –> 1717 results.
Filter on left –> Date > Past –> 1701 results.

Each stud has two “main” diamonds. The “main diamonds” are the big stones in them.

What you need to do is go to the description and get the details on each main diamond. Sometimes studs will have smaller diamonds around them. We don’t care about these smaller diamonds. We also don’t care about “total carats.” What we care about are the details of the two large diamonds in the pair.

You can find this in one of two places. The first is many listings have the GIA certificate.

The other way is to read the description writing down what the GIA report says. For example: Two GIA reports no. 2175749065 and 2175716051, stating that the 1.53 and 1.28 carat diamonds are E and F Colour, VS2 and VVS1 Clarity respectively. You need to be very careful not to mix this stuff up.

There are two diamonds in each pair, all of the columns will be the same for each diamond except weight, color, clarity.

To get the date, find the date of the auction. For example, in this listing, find the lot number and click the word before it. In this case, the word before it is “Hong Kong”. That will bring you to the auction listing and you can find the date.

Put this into excel.

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