Project Title: Scraping Company Reviews from Glassdoor

Project Description:

I would like to have the universe of Glassdoor reviews, with all available information, in machine readable format.

Preferably STATA format, although SAS is also acceptable.

A sample of the format/type of information I am looking for is attached. But I would like this for ALL glassdoor reviews.

For example I would be looking for review level information such as:
Company Name
Date of Rating
Culture and Values Rating
Career and Opportunities Rating
Compensation and Benefits Rating
Whether the Employee recommends the company
Rating of Senior Management
Approval of CEO
Whether the Employee has a positive outlook on the company
Employee Type
Employee Position
Employee Location
Title of Review
Pros (Full Text)
Cons (Full Text)
Advice (Full Text)

Is this something you can do? What will be the price?

Also, please let us know if you can monthly refresh this database and provide us with the new reviews posted.

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