Project Title: Scraping E-Commerce Websites

Project Description:

Your task would be to web-scrape different e-commerce websites like,,, etc.

The data should be aggregated all in a clean ‘Spreadsheet’ with these product attributes:
1) Identifier (e.g. UPC, EAN, MPN, ASIN, SKU ID)
2) Product Title
3) Item Price
4) Item dimensions/size and weight
5) Item image(s)
6) Item Source URL
7) Stock availability (sold-out, or available, qty ?).

This job will be performed for thousands of products in different categories for the source websites.

If you are experiences and know the right tools we can also perform the 2 tasks below which may be hard to do in bulk but with the right tool, may be possible:

8) Find matching Amazon product URL for the same product and add to the same ‘spreadsheet’.
9) Do price-comparison between the ‘Source’ Product vs ‘Amazon’ Product and shortlist those with positive ‘price difference’ i.e. (higher price on Amazon, lower price on source website).

Let me know if you think you are the right candidate to do the above.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on