Project Title: Scraping Footwears from Online Store Puma

Project Description:

The main aim is to create several web scrappers to scrape footwear from online stores (scrape Russian version, if there’s no Russian – English one).


Main keys to be parsed:

– Item’s url [str]
– 5 (or less if unavailable) urls of item’s pictures [str]
– Price [int] (IN RUSSIAN RUBLES)
– Old price (if discounted) [int]
– Discount (0% – 99%) [int]
– Category (boots, sneakers, etc..) [str]
– Brand (adidas, nike, etc..) [str]
– Gender (women, men, unisex, girls, boys, kids) [str]
– SKU (just google that, that’s really important for us) [str]
– Sizes (42, 43, 8, 8.5, 9.5 – that’s the correct format for us – regexp:(\d*\.?\d+?) ) [str]
– Size_type (EU, US, UK, FR, IT, etc..) [str]
– Description (usually placed on single item’s webpage) [str]
– Title (model name) [str]

Optional (but if placed on the website – must have)

– Sport [str]
– Color [str]
– Material [str]

– Consider adding a little of documentation when it can be useful.
– Don’t skip the sale, stock or other discounted pages (all of the should be done, especially those that are with discounts)

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on