Project Title: Scraping Investors Contact List verified from Crunchbase or Angellist

Project Description:

We are looking for someone who can go on and and find investors in companies that have done rounds with target companies, because we want to generate leads for our seed rounds.

The inputs will be: The names of the companies we want to track.

The outputs should be: a well-curated list of investors in those companies from looking at angellist and crunchbase, with their names, angellist profile, and linkedin profiles.

– Investor Company Name
– Category
– Address
– Founders
– Founded Date
– Number of Employees
– Investor Type
– Investor Stage
– Website URL
– Social Media Links
– Contact Email
– Company Description
– Team Members and its Job Designation

You will need to have good basic google search skills, be able to use basic excel/google sheets functionality, and be able to work quickly to produce a large number of candidates.

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