Project Title: Scraping of Prices & Product Features

Project Description:

I have several categories of Products I need to scrape SKU, UPC code, Product Prices, Brand, URL, Count (box of 6), Sizes, Weights and Features from multiple retailer websites, for example:

At the very least, need this for Amazon, Target, Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Safeway.

It is very important to be detailed oriented and inspect the output and correct any mistakes / make sure it is clear.

Please send me a sample file, from a previous scraping of prices, quantities and features from one of these websites. Please chose the one you believe is the best organized / formatted for clarity.

Please specify how long you think scraping these 5-6 websites for products in 4-5 brands (Aunt Jemima, Krusteaz, Kodiak Cakes, Hungry Jack, etc) will take, and what tools you use for web scraping.

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