Project Title: Scraping Product Details from 250 E-commerce Websites

Project Description:

We are looking for someone to scrape and format product details from 250 e-commerce websites.

We want to extract:
– Product name: Product name without SKU (also called Item ID or product number)
– Image URL: Highest possible resolution image URL of the currently displayed (active) product image
– Image Label: Label of the active image or short text that describes the image. For example, for a T-shirt, it could be “Red – Side view.”

– We’ll provide you with examples of product page URLs and the expected outputs.
– We will test your deliverable against several examples.
– The work will be split into batches – starting with a trial batch of 10 websites.
– On a random test of ~40 websites, we found this to take 5-10 minutes on an average per website.
– Occasionally, you might encounter a complex website. In such cases, we ask you to spend no longer than 30 min as the worst-case scenario.

Can you share pricing for this?

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