Project Title: Scraping Real Estate Property Information from CoreLogic

Project Description:

I am inquiring about hiring you for services weekly.

I would like to scrape a website called CoreLogic or other real estate property appraiser websites for weekly data on houses sold by county and then by state level.

I am looking to do 3-5 states at once to start with.

I think Corelogic will have the most recent and uptodate information for you verse the counties websites.

I would like all sales from condos to mobile homes and houses.

All Property data to include but not limited to:
Property ID
New Owner
Mailing Address1
Mailing Address2
Mailing City
Mailing State
Mailing Zip
Property Address
Sale Amount
Square Feet
Property Use Code
Document Number
Public Information
Property Desc
Lot sq ft
Assessed Value
Property Type

Once you get in, Please let me know what states have the most sales weekly and I can choose from there?

I am looking forward to hearing from you

1) Florida – 67 counties
2) New York- 62
3) Texas- 254 counties
4) New Jersey- 21
5) California- 58

If the production continues to flow the business will grow and this will be residual income on a weekly basis and will be looking to expand the states to more USA wide.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on