Project Title: Scraping Real Estate Websites

Project Description:

I need a web scraper/tool/script that download various data points from properties in every county/zipcode in the USA from 3 major real estate websites.

– May need proxy support to not get blocked.

– Will go county by county or zip code by zip code and pull properties with specified characteristics

– Store & update records in a SQL database

– Will perform this scraping task weekly

– Will track first date and last date a property was seen updated each scrape run

There are 3200-ish counties in the USA.

So based on that, I’m expecting for anywhere from 50-100 million records a month to be scraped weekly, based on my property search specifications.

When stored, I want some additional calculations done on the back end.

Then those data points be made available either online or as a downloadable CSV file so I can analyze the data further.

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