Project Title: Scraping USA Vehicle Listing from Facebook Marketplace

Project Description:

Provide a spreadsheet of Seller Name, Vehicle Name, Year, Price, Mileage,State and FB URL to the listing on a spreadsheet from all “Non Dealership” vehicle listings on Facebook Marketplace.

Which States: All FB vehicle listings in the following states:
A)Priority States because they are closer to our dealership.
Virginia, West Virginia,Maryland,Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut,Rhode Island,Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire Maine. Wisconsin,Michigan

B) Other States that I need.
Indiana, Kentucky,Tennessee, Alabama,Florida, Georgia, South Carolina,North CarolinaIllinois,Mississippi,
Constraints: Only vehicles in a range of $7000 up to $35,000. Only vehicles with less than 125,000 Miles

How Often: Weekly up to 2 or 3 times a week if requested, year round. No end date for this project.

I have attached a sample of output with fields.

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