The web scraping tools are playing the major role in the data extraction. Here we have provided a great information regarding the major 7 Types of the web scraper tools. And, the exact use of this tool will help you to perform data extraction from the multiple online sources & websites.

Data is playing a key role in every organisation &by using the web scraping the data can be extracted from multiple resources very easily. The web extraction also helps in converting the unstructured data to well data structured data which is further used for the different purposes.

The best web scraping tools are stated below

  • BeautifulSoup

The BeautifulSoup is a Python library which helps in data extraction from the HTML & XML files. It’s primarily designed for the multiple project, including the screen scraping. The library is also offering the simple methods & the pythonic idioms for searching, navigating & modifying the parse tree. And, it also helps in automatic transformation of the incoming document into the Unicode & outgoing document is transformed to the UTF-8.

  • Selenium

The selenium python is an open source& the web based automation tools which offer an easy API for writing functional or approval with the Selenium Web Driver. It consists of many software tools with different approaches for supporting the test automation. The tools are a rich array of the testing function which are specially designed for testing requirement for all the web applications.

By using this selenium python API user can easily access the functionalities of selenium web driver.

  • MechanicalSoup

The MechanicalSoupis a python library which is used for the automatic interaction of the websites. These library automatically saves & sends the cookies, monitor, redirects, can follow different link, submit the forms too. The MechanicalSoup is providing the similar API as that of the Python Giants Request & the BeautifulSoup. Though this tool become unmaintained since many years since it doesn’t support python 3.

  • LXML

The LXML is a python tool which comprises of the C libraries like libxslt& libxml2. It is identified as theeasy to use & feature enriched libraries for processing the XML & HTML in the python language. It is unique as combine the XML features & speed of libraries which are native of the Python API.

  • Scrapy

The scrapy is the collaborative as well as the open source framework used for the data extraction. The scrapy is a faster high level data extraction framework which is transcribed in python. It can be used for the data extraction, monitoring & also for the automated testing.

It can also be used for writing the web spiders which can crawl different website & scrape data from them. These spiders are mainly the classes which are describe by the user &scrapy use them for the data extraction.

  • Python Request

The python request is non GMO HTTP library used only in the python language. It helps the user to send the HTTP/1.1 request as no additional query string combination to the URL is eliminated. It also provides many features like browser style SSL verification, auto decompression, auto content decoding, HTTP proxy support, etc. It supports Python 2.7, 3.4-3.7 & also run on PyPy.

  • Urllib

These Urllib is a type of python package which is used for opening the URL. It combines several modules for working with the URL like urllib. request (for opening & reading the URL which are mainly HTTP ), urllib. parse (outline the standard interface for breaking the URL ), urllib. error (module define the exclusion classes raised by urllib. request), urllib.robotparser (it answer the question whether or not any user can fetch the details or not).

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