Project Title: Web Scrapping Data of Coronavirus Epidemic

Project Description:
Goal: Write a series of scripts that run every day at the same time of the day to scrap data on coronavirus cases, deaths, tests, etc by country and by subregion (state, municipality, etc).

Many of these pages are in Spanish, in English or in Portuguese (thus it is required to be able to work in multiple languages).

The data sources are varied and therefore the job will require different scripts.

We have partitioned this project in three products.

Required skills:

You need to be able to:

(i) extract information from html, pdfs, jpg, and other types of formats.

(ii) to work with multiple languages.

(iii) to have the available time immediately.

(iv) to accommodate requests as we go.

We attach a thorough description of the project.

Please review all this material and webpages and if you are interested and think you are capable of delivering a high quality product on time, please send us: (i) a brief proposal, (ii) a paragraph with your previous experience in web scraping, (iii) a piece of code snippet or code sample of a previous web scraping script you have done, (iv) a brief work plan to deliver the products and (v) an alternative timeline if you thing that Thursday April 2 is too unrealistic.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on