Project Title: Website Scraping – Data Collection from Given 15 Websites

Project Description:
I have a list of 15 websites need to extract data.

These are peoples contact information among other things.

Some of the sites are clones so scripting and scraping data should be close to identical for them.

Pair of 6 websites are same and then there is another pair of 2.

Need the source code for the websites and also want the data scraped already into an excel sheet with the same formatted columns in each.

I have a spreadsheet of which attributes should be able to get for each site but typically they are the following:

Name; Street #; Street Address; Suite/Apt #; City; State; Zip Code; Email; Phone #; Law Firm ; lawyer website (if available); practice areas (separate by commas); Picture uploaded?; member profile URL Other 1;

A Typical trouble spot I have seen when doing these in past are logic for PO Boxes (no street number) so careful on this part.

Here are the links to websites that need to scrape data from.

Need to make sure go through all the states/practice areas of each site.

For similar work requirement feel free to email us on